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Mivolis Nose Cream ~10ml

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Mivolis Nose Cream ~10ml



  • Quick and effective help for a sore nose.
  • For colds and hay fever.
  • For use on and in the nose.
  • With dexpanthenol.


  • Frequent nose blowing during allergy and cold season or dry ambient air can cause the sensitive skin in and around the nose to feel irritated, cracked and sore.
  • The nose cream lines the nasal mucosa with a firm protective film that prevents the nose from drying out.
  • Thanks to its combination of active ingredients, Mivolis nose cream is a quick and effective aid for sore noses and helpful for colds and hay fever.
  • – Sesame oil protects the nasal mucosa and gently removes crusts and bark
  • – The combination of glycerin, Atlantic sea salt and the moisturizing dexpanthenol effectively moisturizes and nourishes the mucous membrane.
  • – Lanolin softens rough areas and supports the regeneration of irritated and sore skin.


  • Ingredients: Lanolin, sesame oil, orange oil, glycerin, dexpanthenol, zinc PCA, Atlantic sea salt, natural thyme aroma


  • Instructions for use: If necessary, apply a thin layer of cream approximately 1 cm long to the inner and outer affected skin of the nose and around the nostrils several times a day.
  • Tip: To ensure that sore noses can regenerate optimally at night, we recommend a final application before going to bed.
  • The nose cream can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not use for longer than 6 weeks after opening the tube.


  • Made in Germany.
  • 10ml


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