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Scholl Cracked Heel Ointment Active Repair K+ ~60ml

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Scholl Cracked Heel Ointment Active Repair K+ ~60ml



  • Excessive calluses, dryness, brittleness and lack of flexibility of the heel skin when running can lead to cracks.
  • The consequences are particularly unpleasant: a feeling of tension occurs and the skin tears deeply, which promotes inflammation.
  • A protective posture is often adopted and the foot is subjected to different loads, but this again leads to disproportionate loads, which promotes increased callus formation.
  • Cracks require particularly intensive care, for example a foot cream with a particularly high proportion of urea.
  • The Scholl Cracked Ointment Active Repair K+ actively regenerates skin damage on rough, dry and cracked heels and provides relief.
  • It works from day one with 25% urea and keratin.
  • It supports the skin’s natural regeneration process by stimulating the formation of new skin cells and building a natural framework that promotes skin regeneration.



  • With 25% urea and keratin.
  • Actively regenerates skin damage.
  • Provides relief.
  • Supports the skin’s natural regeneration process.
  • Works from day one.



  • Made in Germany
  • 60ml


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