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Mivolis AZ Mama Vitamins, Minerals & Folic Acid ~60pcs

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Mivolis AZ Mama Vitamins, Minerals & Folic Acid ~60pcs



  • For women who want to have children, pregnant women & nursing mothers.
  • With vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Contains 400 μg of folic acid per daily dose.


  • During pregnancy & breastfeeding, the woman’s organism has an increased need for vitamins & minerals.
  • The best known and most important vitamin in connection with pregnancy is folic acid.
  • Folic acid contributes to normal maternal tissue growth during pregnancy.
  • The supplementary intake of folic acid in pregnant women increases the folate level.
  • The need for folic acid is also increased during breastfeeding.
  • The amount of 400 μg folic acid contained is the current recommendation of the nutritional associations for an additional intake for women who want to become pregnant.
  • A supplementary intake of 400 μg folic acid per day has a positive effect for a period of at least one month before & up to three months after conception.
  • Even with other particularly important nutrients such as B. iron, iodine or vitamin B12, the higher intake quantities for pregnant & breastfeeding women are often not reached.
  • It can be taken from the time you want to have children & continued until the end of breastfeeding.
  • Gluten free, lactose free.
  • 1 tablet daily.



  • Made in Germany.
  • 60pcs


  • Average nutritional information per 100 g
    Calorific value 196 kcal / 821 kJ
    fat 0.9 g
    Fat, including saturated fatty acids 0.9 g
    carbohydrates 6.8 g
    Carbohydrates of which sugar <0.5 g
    protein <0.5 g
    Salt equivalent 0.18 g
    composition As a daily dose* % NRV **
    Biotin 60 µg 120%
    iron 15 mg 107%
    Folic acid 400 µg 200%
    iodine 150 µg 100%
    niacin 15 mg 94%
    Pantothenic acid 6 mg 100%
    selenium 30 µg 55%
    Vitamin B 1, thiamine 1.2 mg 109%
    Vitamin B12 3.5 µg 140%
    Vitamin B 2, riboflavin 1.5 mg 107%
    Vitamin B 6 1.9 mg 136%
    vitamin C 110 mg 138%
    Vitamin D 5 µg 100%
    Vitamin E. 12 mg 100%
    zinc 7 mg 70%


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