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Mivolis Eye Capsules ~30pcs

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Mivolis Eye Capsules ~30pcs



  • With 10 mg lutein and 500 µg zeaxanthin.
  • With vitamins A, B2 and zinc to help maintain normal vision.


  • Our eyesight continuously decreases with advancing age, besides working on the computer, regular long periods of television or reading can cause eye fatigue afterwards.
  • The often called yellow spot “macula” is responsible for the perception of colors & the sharpness of the image. nevertheless millions of photo receptors cells that can only perform their tasks properly when adequately supplied with nutrients.
  • Another nutrients like zinc and vitamins A and B2 contained in eye capsules support normal vision.
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids of vegetable origin, the body cannot produce itself. They are found in the yellow spot on the retina.
  • Additionally our capsules contain blueberry powder,  lutein and zeaxanthin,.
  • Vitamins C and E, also as antioxidants, contribute overall to the protective function of all cells in the body.


  • Gluten free, lactose free.
  • 1 capsule daily.


  • Made in Germany.
  • 30pcs



  • Average nutritional information per 100 g
    Calorific value 486 kcal / 2,023 kJ
    fat 34 g
    Fat, including saturated fatty acids 12 g
    carbohydrates 26 g
    Carbohydrates of which sugar 5 g
    protein 13 g
    Salt equivalent 0 g
    composition As a daily dose* % NRV **
    Vitamin A 800 µg 100%
    Vitamin B 2, riboflavin 1.4 mg 100%
    vitamin C 100 mg 125%
    Vitamin E. 12 µg 100%
    zinc 5 mg 50%
    * corresponds to 1 piece
    ** Nutrient reference values ​​(NRV) for daily intake according to the Food Information Regulation


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