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About Yazein Shop

Trade, It has been there since the dawn of mankind, evolving as man evolved … tracing our civilization’s path and keeping up with every progress we make, our civilization depends on trade as an integral part of man’s survival, and it will always be as long as our race continue to exist.

As our society progressed through the ages, reaching the current state of interconnected human beings across the globe using small devices that fit into pockets, trade progressed and merged with modern technology … making online trade the most flourishing business as corporations that provide such services are at the top of the largest corporations in the world.

Unfortunately, Egypt hasn’t benefited yet from online shopping, not because the consumer doesn’t have the knowledge nor the tools required, but because the seller doesn’t acquire the tools, the knowledge and the ability to manage the complex logistics to keep up with the consumer’s anticipations.

At Yazein Shop, we thought very deeply about that problem, carefully selecting a team of professional market analysts, IT professionals, logistics specialists and QC engineers in order to build the most efficient and reliable online shopping service in the MENA region, with the consumer being the center of the process, where others fail to deliver the minimum satisfactory level of customer care and quality control, we managed to keep our customer satisfied.

We provide the seller with the tools required to benefit from online presence through our website, where he can post his products for the world to see while we worry about the logistics, all he has to do is to meet our quality standards after reviewing his products and making sure that our customers will be satisfied.

Being a seller at Yazein Shop is not for everyone, as we pick the suppliers with great care, on the other hand, our customers find it really easy and satisfying to go through our shopping experience. As our model strictly indicates that customer’s satisfaction must be guaranteed by all means.

We work around the clock to keep our service ready across Egypt for now, if you have any inquiries don’t hesitate to contact our customer care agents: